New Year's Yve Concert at Hotel Haifa in Varanasi, India

Please be informed that Mataprasad Mishra will perform his Kathak Dance at the new year's Yve concert at the Hotel Haifa, in Varanasi, India:

New Year's Eve concert
Hotel Haifa
B.1/107, Assi, Varanasi - 222005
+91 - 0542 - 2312960 / 3209470
31st December 2011
Starting from 20h00

For any further information, please contact to Mataprasad Mishra.

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for 2012!!!!!!


Dance Classes Information

Mataprasad Mishra offers traditional Baranas style dance lessons for all ages and levels such as;

-       Private classes
-       Group classes (Adult, Kids and for any school)
-       Workshop style

* Adjustable for any kind of request according to the dance classes you would like to have.   
* Learning from beginner to advanced levels, developing fundamental traditional Baranas style techniques, accompanied by Tabla music
* Experienced of teaching to the foreigners; the essence of the Kathack dance in  authentic Indian style (please refer to Profile).
*All lessons are available in English and Hindi

 with his Indian student

 With his foreigner student

For any further information, please kindly contact to Mataprasad Mishra.

Thank you!


Rashtri Kathak Goshthi

Mataprasad Mishra will be participating on 
Rashtri Kathak Goshthi (Kathak dance workshop) at Lucknow, India - 
Talking about Banaras style Kathak dance

Rashtri Kathak Goshthi
12th October 2011
At Bhartendu Theatre, Lucknow, India
For any further information, please contact Mataprasad Mishra. Thank you!


Ganga Dassahara Festival - June 11th 2011

Mataprasad Mishra and Rudra Shankar Mishra
will perform Kathak Dance at Ganga Dassahara Festival. 

**** Please also note that this festival will be  direct distributed through "S TV"(Den Kashi TV) ****

Ganga Dassahara Festival
June 11th, 2011
 Starting from 18h30
At Ganga Sewa Nidhi ghat
Thank you!


Sangeet Mela, Indian Music Festival in Japan 2011

I will be participating upcoming  
Sangeet Mela, Indian Music Festival in Japan 2011
which will be held on 10 to 11 September 2011, in Gifu, Japan.
More information will be posted later, Thanks.